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Hipster Slums: Soweto Swagger

As part of Subculture month we interviewed Caddy, one of the founders of Konstellation Klan.

As you can see Konstellation Klan is all about energy, vibrancy, colour, being creative and setting themselves apart with over the top style. They are inspired by some elements of modern fashion, but for the most part do their own thing completely. They also wear a lot of pieces from older generations – thus maintaining links to their heritage – but usually modify these pieces slightly to give them a modern edge. Their little group is like an adorable neon family.

What does being part of the Konstellation Klan mean to you?

Entertainment & love. Those are the two things that we cherish in life.

What statement are you making by wearing these clothes?

That you can wear whatever you want to wear!! Whatever makes you happy and unique and portrays whatever message you want to get across.

 Where do you get the clothes?

We make most of our clothes, when we buy them we purchase them in different stores and we have designers that ask us to be ambassadors of the clothing lines.

What’s your favourite item of clothing?

Vests & sneakers. I feel that an outfit is never complete without shoes and a vest top brings out my awesome character.

Some have said that the Konstellation Klan is more of a religion than a fashion choice – but how would you define it?

True, We are definitely not the only crew that is in a fashion movement. We have days where we all unite and have parties or picnics together, which shows unity and family. We all grow under the same shadow so we classify ourselves as a culture. We give ourselves rules and ways of overcoming society when we are discriminated against, and ways to keep the movement fresh. We prefer to be labeled as a religion

If someone has the right style, can they become part of the Klan? Or is personality more important than the clothes?

Yes, when it comes to selecting a member we look at a few qualities and values. You can have style but if your personality doesn’t fit the movement it’s hard for us to make you part of the family. The crew is not only about looking good, there’s a few things we want to uphold such as reputation, set standards of awesomeness, be an inspiration to young people etc. Personality counts a lot, you need to be able to relate to all of us – be a bright colour that brings only HAPPINESS.

If the Konstellation Klan had a theme tune, what would it be?

Flo Rida-Wild One. This tune just describes exactly what we would do, what we are, and our vibe.

Who’s the best dressed music artist?

Chris Brown
New Boys
Far East movement

Can’t decide on one – they all awesome!

Is there anyone in your city that dressed as uniquely as these guys? As ever let us know below or on twitter @mtvvoices.

Photos by Tarryn Hatchett