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What Is Your Dream For Your Child?

School. Hate it or love it, at least we can choose to be the geek or the one talking at the back of class.

June 16th is Day of the African Child, and it’s all about making a noise for the 4 million children that die unnecessarily in Africa every year and the 33 million primary school-aged children in Sub-Saharan Africa that don’t get to go school.

In Sierra Leone only 35% of over 15s can read and write, the majority of the illiterate being women. If the education and health systems were better, it could mean more opportunities for individuals, as well as a massive impact for the economy.

We asked young parents in Sierra Leone and Ethiopia ‘What Are Your Dreams For Your Children’, with the hope that the education system will one day be strong enough to help their children achieve whatever their own ambitions.

All images are thanks to our friends in the field, International Medical Corps, working hard to make sure children across Africa stay healthy enough to go to school.

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