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Anatomy Of A Song: Rudimental – Not Giving In

Rudimental, the East London quartet who shot to fame this summer with their global chart topper “Feel the Love” are back with new inspirational track “Not Giving In”.

The new song features the soulful vocals of John Newman and the voice of Alex Clare.

The new video “Not Giving In” is set in Manila, Philippines and based on the real-life story of 3-time world champion B-boy Mouse, and his rise to fame as a B-Boy on the rough streets of Manila. Running parallel to the story of Mouse’s rise is his brother’s fall onto the wrong path into gang-life.

Directed by photographer Josh Cole, a close friend of Mouse, the video stars the talented young B-boy, Allen Añas, playing young Mouse and his performance is as electric and powerful as the song itself.

Check out the Rudimental “Not Giving In” Official video for yourself below:


We caught up with Kesi Dryden from Rudimental to find out a little more about the video:

First off – We love the song! It’s a powerful track, did you have any particular aims for it when you started writing it?

When we first started writing the song it was about a close friend who was going through a very hard time – hopefully it’s helped him in some way. When we make music we don’t really have aims for it. We just start writing and playing our instruments and hope to create a piece of music we are really proud of

The video is set in Manila and shows us a glimpse of the B-boy scene there, did you know anything about it before the video was shot?

To be honest we didn’t know there was a b-boy scene out there. Its great that our video exposes the Manilla b-boy scene to the world, to all the people like us that didn’t know about it.

How do you think the story in the video reflects the message of your song?

The video shows that if you practice something and are dedicated to something and do not give in, you can achieve what you want. It also shows the darker side of what can happen if you lose your way in life, which works very well with the message of the song.

What do you think people will take away with them after seeing the video?

It’s a powerful video and leaves you with various emotions and hopefully the message of the song gets through.

Now let us know what Not Giving In means to you…