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Is Rihanna Too Cocky?

Rihanna is too cocky: Carina Maggar

I was quietly roaming the Internet in search for some new music when I stumbled upon Rihanna’s latest ‘creation’ (see a video of the full performance below). It’s imaginative, to say the least. Firstly, let me make something clear; I am a fan of Rihanna, and I like her music. Furthermore, her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey reduced me to tears and I found myself wanting to arrange an impromptu visit to Barbados just to deliver her a shoulder to lean on.

Having said this, my respect for the ‘pop princess’ has certainly diminished since hearing her latest track. I am sitting here tapping away furiously at the keys on my laptop, fearing that my anger might burn a hole in its base.

Discussions of Rihanna’s explicit lyrics and over-sexed music videos are nothing new. Her lyrics for the single ‘Rude Boy’ and the video for ‘We Found Love’ are amongst numerous songs that have been under media fire. However, her latest single that she has aptly named ‘Cockiness’ is in a league of its own. .

Rihanna has previously claimed that she doesn’t see herself as a role model to youngsters, and therefore what she does in the public eye shouldn’t be considered an example to her younger fans. This is no excuse, Ri-Ri. If you’re in the public eye, you have influence over people. It comes as part of the job. Use it wisely.

The sexual innuendos and lyrics  such as ‘Suck my cockiness/Lick my persuasion/Eat my poison/And swallow your pride’; may well inspire kids to gyrate against each other in the school playground.

It doesn’t just end there, Princess Ri-Ri goes on to chant; ’I want you to be my sex slave, anything that I desire.’ Now, take a moment to imagine the innocent fourteen year-old girls singing this in the car on their way home from school, thinking that these are acceptable things to say. I’m intrigued to see what radio stations will be giving it air play. If anything, the song itself needs a watershed of its own.

For one thing, the lyrics don’t even make sense; it would be a different matter if it were artfully constructed.  I’ve checked, and I can confirm that it’s definitely not possible to lick someone’s persuasion. If I witness this song being played in a public space, where kids under the age of eighteen are present, I will hold it as my personal responsibility to approach them all individually and cover their ears.

Furthermore, I’d like to add that you shouldn’t listen to the song because it’s undeniably catchy and will be stuck in your head all day, which will result in you feeling like a naughty person. Hopefully elderly people won’t hear what you’re playing through your headphones when you’re on the bus.

Rihanna isn’t too cocky: Lindsey Kempton

Let’s not single out poor Rihanna on this one. Face it: her dirty minded single “Cockiness” is nothing new. Pop music has been overwhelmed with suggestive or explicit lyrics and beats that kids gyrate to at school dances for decades now. I won’t deny that recent artists, including Rihanna, have taken this to a new level, but isn’t it just a game of trying to top each other at this point? If it’s not sexier or dirtier than the last #1 hit then is it going to get any attention?

But since we are talking about Rihanna’s “Cockiness”, then I think these lyrics are better for young girls to memorize and sing along to than Flo Rida’s hit song “Whistle”, for example.

I’m a fan of both Rihanna and Flo Rida (Flo Rida even sat down with VOICES for a quick chat recently), but if we’re going by lyrics, then I think “Cockiness” is better than a lot of songs out there and it actually empowers young women. It says to girls that it’s okay to be sexual and be in charge. Society teaches us that if we’re sexual then we’re “sluts” and if we’re dominant then we’re “bitches”. Rihanna’s saying no! We can be sexy and strong. If you want your partner to “lick your persuasion” or “be your sex slave” and they’re down with it, then go for it!

After all, wouldn’t you want girls learning to take charge of their sexuality rather than just being made into sexual objects like they are in every other hit song? I definitely do.

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