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No Controversy

For the past week here on MTV Voices, we’ve been talking about dating and sex. What’s more exciting than being in the early throws of a relationship where all you can think about is when you’re going to hook up next, and how much of that time you’ll spend naked?

There are lots of things that make sex super exciting. Role play, quickies, bondage, sex toys, we could go on (and on!). But there’s one major thing that makes sex awesome. Contraception. Seriously, think about it. Without contraception, what is sex? A baby-making process.

Contraception, whether it’s the pill, condoms, or the implant, makes sex about having fun. Without it, just think where you’d be.

Unfortunately, there are millions of people around the world who don’t have access to contraception. For them, pregnancy, (and often STIs) is an inevitable consequence of losing their virginity. There’s no sex education at school, popping to the pharmacy to pick up some condoms, or going to the doctors to be prescribed the pill. Sex = babies, however young and unprepared they are.

At MTV Voices, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. And lots of people agree. Keri Hilson, Banky W, WizKid, JLS, and MTV’s very own Vanessa Mdee all have something to say about the topic, as do you guys all over the world.

So we’re supporting The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and UK aid in giving more young people choices when it comes to planning families. Tomorrow, July 11th, an international summit is being held in London where leaders from around the world will commit to making contraception available to more people.

Check out the video and the no controversy website, and if you agree that there should be ‘No Controversy’ in giving everyone, everywhere access to contraception, then please like it and share it.

We want to know: where would you be without contraception? And what dreams do you want to fulfill before you have a family?