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MTV Staying Alive Vox Pop: One Night Stands

We’ve been shooting the Vox Pop series for MTV Staying Alive for the past year now and with every new take, I am more and more convinced of one thing: New Yorkers are hysterically bizarre- and aren’t afraid to admit it. In fact, they love telling us about their dirtiest secrets and revel even more in the fact that it’s for the camera.

Through each “Vox Pop”, which in Latin means “Voice of the People”, we have been able to capture the most candid commentary on people’s personal sex lives which has handed us segues into discussing sexual health on a silver platter. Whether it was asking people when they last “F’d up” when it came to safe sex, to asking HIV test administrators when their last HIV test was, we were never short of being flabbergasted by what we uncovered.

In the Vox Pop you see here, MTV Base VJ Fix and MTV Staying Alive’s Francisco Ramirez, hit the streets of New York City asking New Yorker’s to reveal their most embarrassing one night stand stories. Follow them as they get the dirt from these confessions.